There is a problem with soil conditions especially in Platfontein in the Northern Cape Province because it is an arid place. The area does not receive much rains therefore the soil conditions are not good for most crops as they lack necessary nutrients. The community lacks understanding about the soil conditions in the area, and what crops are suitable to be planted there.

Problem Definition
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Success criteria
The Platfontein community are educated and trained on
1) soil conditions in the area,
2) its suitability for certain food crops,
3) when to plant them (seasons and weather conditions), and
4) how to prevent the soil from further drying out.
Soil moisture in the area is monitored to enable the community to plant more crops that are suitable for their environment or soil conditions.
The community is supplied with fertilizers to add more nutrients to the soil so that they are able to produce their own food as food security is already a problem in South Africa.
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