The Māori community has Ngakoaohia River running through the customary lands and currently there are no records or knowledge of the river, so the community is not able to use it for any particular function. There is lack of understanding historical land use and land cover surrounding the river. A time series of the river course is essential in the community's knowledge and understanding of the river as it contains relevant information for the community. In addition, the community does not know what vegetation to plant and where relative to their geographic location. The vegetation or plants in Peru might be different from the plants in New Zealand so historical data is essential for understanding where things were planted or where was vegetation in order to be able to decide what plant are suitable for our location. So, the planting will help with the land, stabilising the riverbanks and help with plant life as well. We must work in unity with our environment, so historical data will help not to make ill informed decisions that will be detrimental to the environment.

Problem Definition
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Success criteria
Have historical information on the land cover and land use to be able to track where the river was and where it is right now.
Guidance and knowledge about past vegetation types and locations.
Climate Zone
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