GIRE3D International Congress

Scopus GIRE3D (Hybrid) CM-AIH Water Conference, 23-25 Nov 2023, Laayoune, Morocco
23 - 25 Nov 2023 00:00 - 00:00
Laayoune, Morocco

Abstract: Arid regions are known for their limited water resource potential. The sustainable management of water resources in these areas is a permanent challenge, due to the growing demand, linked to population growth coupled with the negative impacts of climate change. The GIRE3D 4th edition 2023 is an opportunity for all water stakeholders to exchange methodologies adapted to the exploitation and management of water in such contexts. This edition will allow, among other things, to promote scientific research in consultation with professionals in the water sector and to create a platform for debate and exchange of experiences between the various national and international stakeholders on the theme of water in arid zones.



Boulevard Mekka Lâayoune