10th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (ISHS) 2024

10th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (ISHS) 2024
17 - 19 Jun 2024
Zürich, Switzerland

Hydraulic structures are and will be a vital part of the infrastructure for human beings as they provide safe irrigation and water supply, protection against natural hazards, energy generation, and many other highly needed services. Given the current global challenges including water scarcity, abundance in the form of floods, need for clean and affordable energy and environmental issues related to watercourses as biodiversity hotspots, hydraulic structures will remain very relevant in the future.

The symposium is yet another event in a series of successful workshops and symposia organized by the external pageIAHR Hydraulic Structures Committee call_made since 2004. This symposium aims to bring together experts working in the specialized field of hydraulic structures design from fundamental and applied research and practice. It will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of recent advances in knowledge as well as future needs.

The topics of the ISHS2024 are: regulation and flow conveyance structures, energy dissipaters, physical and numerical modelling, single and multi-phase flows, complex turbulent pressurized and open channel flows associated with hydraulic structures, advanced instrumentation for laboratory and field works, best practice solutions, fish passage, reservoir sedimentation and management, large wood and debris management, dam safety and risk management, and environmental and ecological impacts. New monitoring methods, modelling approaches, and cross-scale studies and the interdisciplinary research in ISHS topics in a changing environment, e.g., due to climate change and/or anthropogenic impacts, will be focused.

For general information or enquiries about the conference please email: ISHS2024@vaw.baug.ethz.ch

Event Themes

Measures to mitigate environmental impacts of hydropower plants
Sediment management strategies
Design of low-level dam outlets

ETH Zurich
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich