About MarineAware

MarineAware is a modelling and visualisation platform for identifying and responding to oil spills at sea. It was developed by Riskaware for the Earth and Sea Observation System (EASOS) project as part of the UK Space’s Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP). Since it's initial development for the EASOS project, MarineAware and its modelling output have been used by the UK, US and Malaysian governments, as well as by commercial response and salvage companies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

MarineAware utilises satellite imagery to detect oil on the surface of the water to alert users about potential incidents. Detected oil spills can then be modelled to predict their trajectory and the coastlines they might impact. MarineAware can also help trace the source of a detected oil spill back to an area or vessel. All modelling within the tool is performed using MarineAware's own dispersion model, which has been independently-validated by the UK's ​Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

MarineAware is operated by its users through an online web interface. Through the interface users can easily monitor large areas of sea and coastline in a way that is time and resource efficient. The modelling can be automated to run automatically to ensure users have the outputs they need quickly, without needing to rely on reachback support. Through the online interface, users can also share links to incidents and maintain case notes about each spill.

To enhance situational awareness, MarineAware integrates a range of additional datasets such as Electronic Nautical Charts (ENCs), satellite imagery and Automatic Identification System (AIS) ship tracking data. High resolution satellite-derived Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) data is also available to help prioritise protection of the stretches of coastline most vulnerable from the effects of oil pollution.

MarineAware's flexible pricing structure accommodates a wide range of clients, from salvage and wreck removal companies managing the risks from a single vessel, to national governments wanting to monitor their entire Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). By bringing together multiple capabilities, MarineAware goes beyond basic modelling support to provide an end-to-end oil spill response solution that can assist users at every stage of an incident.

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