Beverley Chelsea Saungweme

Mechanical engineering student at Siberian Federal University

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Beverley Chelsea Saungweme, a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate at Siberian Federal University in Russia, developed a keen interest in the space industry during high school. Her journey began when she emerged as the country runner-up in the essay category of the DStv Eutelsat Star awards, sparking her fascination with space exploration.

This passion led her to the International Astronautical Congress in Baku 2023, where she presented a research paper on leveraging space technology to address the global freshwater crisis. Additionally, Beverley co-authored a paper on the interplay between space activities and climate-smart agriculture, further establishing her presence in the field.

During the Space Generation Congress, Beverley actively participated in the NASA Earth Science working group, contributing to discussions on increasing the involvement of non-traditional and underrepresented entities in Earth Observation data utilization. Their recommendations were documented for UN COPUOS, SGAC, and NASA.

Attending the NASA Scan workshop in Baku provided Beverley with valuable insights into the space industry, while her participation in SGAC’s Fall Mentorship programme offered her guidance from experts on navigating the field as a Mechanical Engineer.

Currently, Beverley is enrolled in a personal development course at Aspire Institute, focusing on honing her leadership skills. Hailing from Zimbabwe, she is enthusiastic about contributing to the space industry and making a positive impact.

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