SDG6 Country Acceleration Case Study, Singapore Preparatory Webinar

SDG6 Country acceleration case study, Singapore Preparatory webinar
04 Mai 2023 - 05 16:00 -


An SDG 6 Country Acceleration Case Study highlights progress and describes processes, enabling conditions and key lessons learned in a selected country, related to one or several SDG 6 global indicators. As such, the case study is a significant recognition of the progress made on SDG 6 in the country. The case study is meant to encourage continued action to achieve SDG 6 in the country and share the experience with other countries. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development forms an overarching lens for the case study to capture interlinkages and opportunities that are relevant across sectors and SDGs. The selection of the case studies is performed by the UN-Water Expert Group on the 2030 Agenda, based on nominations from the United Nations agencies that are monitoring SDG 6. The case study development is coordinated by a lead writer. Three case studies are developed per year over an initial period of three years starting in 2022. For 2023, selected countries for case studies are Brazil, Ghana and Singapore. The case studies are launched at or around the annual SDG 6 Special Event at the UN High Level Policy Forum in July each year. A case study is short, but well documented. It normally is around 5 pages long. The publication will present the UN-Water visual identifier. All contributors to  he publication will be duly acknowledged. Additional communication products may be developed based on the case studies to increase outreach.

Webinar objective 

The primary objective of the webinar is validation of preliminary findings and key messages for each country. Secondary objectives include wider stakeholder engagement and gathering of additional views and inputs for the case studies. Interviews have also been carried out online in February and March and during the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York from 20 to 25 March.

Expected results

Participants will provide feedback about preliminary findings and key messages and share their views and experience about the progress made on SDG 6 at the national and subnational levels, its perceived drivers, observed challenges and future developments. The diversity of participants will ensure that various perspectives are considered. Participants will also be invited to share written contributions, including publications and other relevant materials, and help identify resource persons. A short summary of each webinar will be produced by the UN-Water Technical Expert, for circulation among participants.

Target participants

The main audience for the case studies are national policymakers and technical policy advisors across SDG 6-related sectors, as well as Member States and other stakeholders, who may be inspired into action by the sharing of experience in the case study. UN Country Teams area secondary target group. The webinar aims at bringing together a diverse group of 10 to 20 relevant stakeholders from the country. Target participants in the webinar will therefore include:

  • Government stakeholders, including Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6 focal points;
  • UN Resident Coordinators and Country Teams;
  • UN-Water Members and Partners at the headquarters and in the country that express interest to contribute to the case study;
  • Country water partnerships, such as GWP affiliates;
  • Other relevant partners at the country level.


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Objective of the SDG6 Acceleration Case Studies
Preliminary findings about SDG6 country acceleration in Singapore