IAHR Global online Dialogue Net Zero and Water : National Approaches and Solution

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25 Nov 2022 13:00 - 15:00

Free and Live Streamed IAHR Global online Dialogue Net Zero and Water : National Approaches and Solution is happening on 25 November 2022.

Climate change is driving innovation, research and reform at all levels in the water sector as public authorities, companies, research and experts all seek adaptation pathways and improve resilience. Higher frequencies of and intensities of extreme events such as floods and droughts are being observed around the world. In order to attenuate these impacts and keep alive the global ambition of “less than 2 degrees warming”, reductions in Green House Gases (GHG’s) must be sought from all contributing sectors. With some initial estimates placing water use, distribution, storage and treatment as a significant contributor to GHG’s - mitigation is rapidly emerging an essential solution pathway within the water sector. This is particularly pertinent in the areas of water related renewables, efficiencies in the water-energy nexus, and carbon emissions/storage in water related environments.

This online event brings together leaders and experts to provide insight into the strategies and approaches of their countries to reach net zero goals. The “dialogue” will compare national approaches as well as discuss knowledge gaps, opportunities and ways forward. Join the dialogue to discover more about how different countries are approaching their net zero commitments, and the role of the water sector in contributing to these aims. The dialogue also seeks to provide insight into how you or your organisation’s work in water can contribute to global mitigation efforts.

Registration is not required for this event. To access the webinar page where the online event will be live-streamed, simply create a free account here.

Event Themes

National strategies and approaches to reach net zero goals
The role of the water sector towards achieving net zero
Knowledge gaps, opportunities and ways forward