Cairo Water Week 2020

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18 - 22 Oct 2020 00:00 - 00:00

Achieving water security requires allocation among users to be fair, eficient and transparent; that water to satisfy basic human needs is accessible to all at an affordable cost to the user; that water throughout the water cycle is collected and treated to prevent pollution and disease; and that fair, accessible and effective mechanisms exist to manage or address disputes or conflicts that may arise.

A secure water world is emerging as a top human development priority on the sustainable development agenda. To this end, Cairo Water Week 2020, is marking this year’s version of CWW series of conferences, with the theme “Water Security in Arid Regions” the Road to Dakar 2021, emphasizing how water is an
essential asset to all aspects of our lives including livelihood, health, economy and environment. Ensuring more equitable and sustainable access to water will ensure more progressive efforts towards reducing poverty and building peace to give practical transformative effect to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Water is fundamental to human security and its achievement through development. In order to one day reach a point of global water security, the most vulnerable impoverished groups must first be targeted within a wider framework catering to country-specific needs whilst also supporting governments through equitable funds necessary for country-wide investment in water purification, distribution and extraction facilities. this will more collectively help tackle the underlining symptoms of water security. In so doing, more concrete movements towards social well-being and inclusive
growth will transform the livelihoods of billions.