Bridging the gap between the AI and Earth Observation communities

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04 Feb 2021 16:00 - 16:45
European Association of Remote Sensing Companies

ESA’s AI4EO initiative

AI4EO is an initiative by the European Space Agency’s Φ -lab, to better connect the artificial intelligence (AI) and Earth observation (EO) domains. The Φ-lab’s mission is to accelerate the future of earth observation, by helping Europe’s earth observation and space researchers and companies adopt disruptive technologies and methods.

The AI4EO initiative looks to foster innovation in Earth Observation, through the application of AI techniques. The impact of AI in this domain has large environmental, societal, and economic implications, and the merging of these two domains can yield in actionable insights for scientists, as well as political and economic decision makers.

AI4EO aims to build a community connecting AI and EO experts, innovators, and researchers to build EU-wide capacity, and explore the wider potential of combined applications through a mechanism of data challenges.  This EOcafe will elaborate on the goals and objectives of AI4EO, as well as announce the launch of the first AI4EO challenge.

Our host, Geoff SAWYER (EARSC’s Strategic Advisor and former Secretary General) will discuss with Nicolas LONGEPE (EO data Scientist the European Space Agency’s Φ -lab) and Annekatrien DEBIEN (AI4EO Project Manager & Head of the Brussels office of SpaceTec Partners) the activities of the Φ -lab and introduce the AI4EO initiative. Annekatrien will also present the very first AI4EO “Challenge” on air quality and health, what is required to enter the competition and what will be the rewards!

In this EOcafe we will discuss all together the following:

·  What role is the ESA Φ -lab playing (including a stock taking of recent initiatives and an outlook for the near future)?

· What is the AI4EO project about?

· What are the characteristics of the AI community and who are its members?

· How can companies get involved in the AI4EO initiative?

· How can companies get involved in future AI4EO challenges?

· How will AI4EO help in bringing the AI and EO communities closer together? What practical steps will be taken?

Registration: This webinar is open to ALL but priority will be given to EARSC members. Registration is free but compulsory. Please click on the following link to register by the 4th of February at 16:00 (CET).

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Please note this is a virtual event! The details will be sent on Thursday 4th of February by noon.

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