16th Reinventing Space Conference

16th Reinventing Space Conference
30 Oct - 01 Nov 2018
London, United Kingdom

RISpace hosted by the British Interplanetary Society brings together industry, agency, government, financiers, academia and end users. The increasing pace of commercialisation is expected to lead to major new applications in Earth orbit over the next decade. These will include mega-constellations for communications and for active and passive remote sensing in both the optical and RF domains. In the next ten years we also expect to see the start of sustainable operations in space; in-situ resource utilisation and on-orbit manufacturing will enable the robotic construction of  much larger structures in space. This will open up new capabilities for space science, and for manned exploration of the Solar System, exploiting the increasing availability of cheap launch services.

Event Themes

Novel applications that are becoming commercially viable as space technology improves

No. 4 Hamilton Place
United Kingdom